Friday, 4 January 2019

Cam Toys - Classes SC & JT

At the end of last term, Year 5 (classes SC and JT) worked together to design and make cam toys. We investigated how cam toys worked and we used this to help us design our own toys. Next, we made our cam toy based on our design and found solutions to the problems we encountered. Finally we evaluated our toys and made suggestions on how we could improve them. It was great fun and a lovely way to end the term.

“I liked designing the outside” Gaby (SC)
“it was super fun to make” Ned (JT)
“I found my outside blocked the cam mechanism. I found a way to overcome it” Tommaso (SC)
“I had to change me design and it turned out better” Ben  (JT)
“You could add what you wanted to make things disappear and reappear” Hayley (SC)
“I would use a straw instead of a box next time” Tallulah (JT)