Friday, 29 January 2010

More news from Prickles in Liberia

Prickles on a school visit in the rural area of Liberia

Prickles finds a friend in an unusual place at a church site in a village up country

Mrs Elphick and Prickles having a lunch break with the local pastor and some men from the community

Children pumping water from the village pump

I have been in the city of Monrovia today and it was an exciting busy mass of people. I visited the Ministry of Education and held an interview with the Deputy Minister for Planning in the Education Department. It was good to hear all the plans that they have in Liberia for the improvement of education. Many more children now have the opportunity to go to primary school which they call elementary here but you are very lucky to get a secondary education!

Today I swam in the sea!! After a long ,very hot day it was a brilliant to cool off. The waves were really high and fun to jump around in. the sand was golden and the palm trees around the edge of the beach are really beautiful. I wish you were ALL here!