Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newsletter 7

1 week deadline - please return by Tuesday 9 October
It is essential that we maintain accurate up-to-date pupil data, especially for emergency contacts and medical details.  With this letter please find a copy of the latest pupil data we have for your child/ren.  Please check the details and write on any necessary amendments, sign the sheet at the bottom and then return it to the school office. 
Emergency Contacts: It has been noted that some children have only 1 contact number – obviously if there is an emergency with your child and that number is unanswered it means we have no alternative contact.  Wherever possible can you please provide more than 1 contact person / number.
Other Information: The system will only allow us to enter 1 selection for Travel Arrangements - if your child uses the school bus even if occasionally, please tick ‘School Bus’; otherwise tick the mode of transport that is used most frequently.
Keeping these details up to date at all times is very important and if any information should change during the year, please let us know.  Thank you.
Please return the signed data sheet to us no later than Tuesday 9 October.
Each pupil data sheet MUST have a parental signature at the bottom of the page.
HARVEST FESTIVAL REMINDER– Thursday 4 and Friday 5 October
Our services will take place on Thursday 4 October in St Michael’s church for Foundation and on Friday 5 October at 9.30am for Key Stage 1 at 9:30am and Key Stage 2 at 10:30am. Parents are welcome to attend either service.  Each child may bring in 1 or 2 small items to present for our Harvest collection.  Please no glass jars or bottles as the pupils have to carry them to church.

We have recently discovered some issues with accessing the phonics link on our website to hear how to pronounce the phonemes.  We have now updated the link to Jolly Phonics which has a page which demonstrates pronunciation of the sounds.
Visit http://jollylearning.co.uk/gallery/audio-2/

As we have had no offers of help from a volunteer parent for Wednesday after school choir we are afraid that it will definitely be cancelled this week.  We will update parents via this letter next week if this is a permanent cancellation or just temporary until a volunteer comes forward.  Thank you.

Friends COMMITTEE – Chairperson Vacancy
If you would be interested in joining the committee in this role, they would be very pleased to hear from you.  It is a very rewarding post, working with a great group of parents who help to raise funds that are used for the benefit of all children in the school.  They are a friendly team, with a number of new members starting this year.  You do not need any specific skills, just the ability to work well as part of a team and to be enthusiastic about the role.
For more information please contact the current chair Marie-Therese on mtwalker666@hotmail.com or pass your information to the school office.

APPLE PRESSING DAY – Sunday 7 October
Families are invited to come along to pick and press apples and have a go at other apple related activities.  If you wish to take some apple juice home, then remember to bring a sterilised bottle or ‘pour and store’ bags.  Tea and coffee will be on tap, but do bring biscuits and cakes to keep you going.  2-5pm at the Greener Fram Community Garden, New Road.