Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Dear Parents/ Carers

In order to improve the communication within the whole school community the Governors and I would like to set up a new initiative of a 'Parent/Carers Council' in the Spring Term.
The Council would be made up of myself, two parent Governors and 13 members of the parent body who would be elected as class representatives by the parents from within each class.
The Council’s aim would be to act as a discussion forum where news, celebrations and issues would be discussed. It would have no independent decision making powers but would contribute to the development of the whole school through myself and the Governors.  It would develop its own terms of reference. The council would act as a conduit for news and ideas so that we can move into 2013 together, with a shared understanding, in order to continue to give the very best opportunities for all our children.

The Council would meet twice per term, during the school day, and the membership would be reviewed annually. The parent/carer members would be expected to represent the views of their fellow class families and not just their own views. They would also be expected to feedback to their class families, who they represent, in a timely manner.
The names of all parents who wish to stand on this council would be put to a vote by the parents of their class at the start of the spring term. If there is only 1 name put forward for a class, then they will automatically take on the role.  If no names are put forward for a class there will be no parent representation of that class on the council.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Council or would like to know more please contact either Mrs Catherine Hill or Mrs Helen Evans, our elected parent Governors, or myself through the school at the email addresses below.  The first meeting will be on Thursday 24 January 2013.  Please do put yourself forward if you feel you could contribute in this way by completing the slip below and passing to the office or one of the parent Governors.  Our children need all of us working together to help fulfil their potential.