Thursday, 13 December 2012

Raspberry Pi in School

We have taken delivery this week of a revolutionary new computer.
The Raspberry Pi is the size of a credit card but with 2 USB ports plus internet and video connections.
It has been designed to be cheap (only about $30) and accessible. Although it is priced in dollars the Raspberry Pi is a British product - from Cambridge.
It aims to encourage people of all ages to get involved in computer programming. It does not have a hard drive - it takes an SD card with an operating system included. It also includes a basic programming software title called SCRATCH - which we have already been using in school this term.
Click on the logo below to go to the official website.

Children from class DB using the Pi - connected to a projector and the interactive whiteboard.

There is a website made by users of the Pi - called MAG PI.
Click on logo below. The site includes loads of helpful tips in its monthly magazines download as PDF files from the website.

Anybody stuck for Christmas or birthday present ideas for ICT enthusiasts should really consider getting one of these amazing kits.