Thursday, 15 September 2016


Year 1 and year 2 made a remarkable discovery of three large dinosaur eggs on Wednesday morning.   There were sightings of a dinosaur around Framlingham which were caught on camera and shown to the children.  It was spotted at the mere, the castle, the church and on the market hill.  It is understood that Mrs Picton scared the dinosaur away early when it appeared to be wandering around the playground looking for somewhere to lay its eggs.  Many children believe that they had heard strange noises in their gardens over the past few days!  Classes AB, JC and LH discovered the nest in the quiet area and examined footprints nearby.
Sunday evening she was spotted trying to find a safe place to lay her eggs
Tyrannosaurus in the playground early on Wednesday morning.
 The last remaining egg found in the nest and looking at footprints in ground