Monday, 10 October 2016

A splash of colour for next Spring!

Gardening Club were busy planting up bulbs ready for the Spring next year. They learnt what to look for on the packets of bulbs ie when to plant them, how deep to plant them, when they flower and how tall they grow. 

The children then set to in planting up their own pot.  First the base was covered with compost where the tulips were planted as they had to be the deepest (10cm).  Then after a small layer of compost the crocus bulbs were placed (8cm) and then after the final layer of compost the Fritillaria (Snakeshead) bulbs were carefully placed (5cm). 

All the pots will be watered and kept outside so that next spring the plants will push up through the compost ready for a beautiful staggered display from February through to April.