Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The end of an era for Gardening Club

Gardening Club were very sad to say goodbye to Mr Seeley, who after few years of helping, advising and guiding the gardening club at school, has hung up his fork and moved onto pastures new.  Mr Duggen’s invaluable help was also marked as we had a small party in the community gardens to celebrate. Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Robinson made some delicious treats.

We then set to work on the final tidying up of the beds and borders.  All the dead sunflower, bean and pea plants were pulled out with great gusto and placed on the compost pile.  The canes were all sorted, tidied away with all the twine being removed.  The Brussel sprouts were left to continue to grow over the winter months and wait for the frosts. 

We are looking forward to next Spring when gardening club begins.