Tuesday, 13 December 2016

RISK-IT week - Class LH

Class LH tackled the task of doing a Christmas treasure hunt using the tablets and QR codes. Clues were placed around the classroom. The children then used the tablet to scan the QR code to reveal a Christmas clue. After finding all 9 clues, the first letter of the words were rearranged to spell out a word linked to this time of year.
The children were fantastic and having the ability to solve the issues and work together created a great atmosphere in the classroom. Thank you to Mr Fisk, the IT technician, who helped sort out a few minor teething problems.  The children were a credit in problem solving together and working cooperatively during the risk.   

One child said she enjoyed scanning the secret codes - it was like magic and another said it was frustrating to start with but we were learning together.  Several children said it was great fun and want to do it again.  A good risk that we all learnt from.