Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Intra House Tag Rugby

1st - Hitcham -  W2 D1 L0
2nd - Bulstrode -  W1 D2 L0
3rd - Howard -  W1 D1 L1
4th - Mills -  W0 D0 L3

1st - Hitcham - W2 D1 L0
2nd - Bulstrode - W2 D0 L1
3rd - Mills -  W1 D1 L1
4th - Howard -  W0 D0 L3

W = Won   D = Draw   L = Lost

Some impressive displays of teamwork, skill, confidence and ability as well as noteworthy leadership and sportsmanship shown throughout the competition. Thank you and well done to all pupils for their efforts and progress this term.