Thursday, 9 February 2017

Online Safety Parents session

Parents  had an informative session this morning, learning about staying safe online.  
The key messages involved guiding parents about online apps including ooVoo, and snapchat amongst others.  They were also instructed on how the use of a hashtag can override privacy settings.  PEGI ratings were reviewed and home security/privacy settings were discussed.  Parents watched two eye-opening videos to set the scene about how easily strangers online can entice youngsters through pretending to be people they are not.    Both had quite an impact and generated a lot of conversation.

The ThinkUKnow parent guide page:  has links to help. 

We will also be sending out on a separate Parentmail, details of parent guides and websites available to help parents.  We urge you  to share these with grandparents, carers and childminders who are looking after your child to help them keep YOUR child stay safe online.

Thank you to those parents who came and we hope that you can continue working together in the journey of keeping your child safe online.