Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Fabulous Day in London

Last Friday was amazing! The whole of PASB and JT had to be at school for 7:45am because the bus would leave otherwise. It took about three hours to get to London but I was sitting next to Ella; I was always entertained (despite her singing). Our first destination was Westminster Abbey. As we strolled around, we learned about the lives and deaths of most of the monarchs including; King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. We then ate our lunch in a grand hallway of Westminster Abbey and followed through to Parliament. When we arrived, we had to linger outside and wait for permission to enter. There was a series of steps we had to follow, but other than that, it was so exciting. We listened in to the debate going on in the House of Lords and carried on to the House of Commons. Then we walked to a little workshop and acted out our different roles in the journey to democracy.
This was the best school trip I’ve ever been on!!!

By Hannah,  Class JT