Monday, 17 December 2018

Carol Singing at Mills Meadow

Class JT lifted the spirits of the residents in Mills Meadow care home last week by singing some Christmas Carols.
We have had some lovely feedback from one of the family of a Mills Meadow resident :

I am writing to say thank you to the year 5 students who visited Mills Meadow this morning. The school and their parents must be so proud of them. 
The boys and girls sang wonderfully well, it was a joy to hear them and watch them perform the Carol Concert. Lovely voices and lots of beautiful smiles. 
Afterwards, during their brief refreshment they mingled with the residents, shaking hands and asking questions, saying thank you for having them. My mother and I were so impressed by their good manners and confidence.
It’s not easy to stand in front of an audience where there appear to be few smiles and little interaction. I would like to assure the children that music does make a difference. They made a difference today. Their singing reached a part of some of these old people that other things can’t reach. It will have touched their hearts. 
A big thank you from my Mum, a resident at Mills Meadow & from me, who was privileged to share with her and everyone else who was there today. Bravo 👏