Thursday, 7 February 2019



A very windy morning at Robin Wood meant that the children explored the outside of the woodland.
We recapped on the fire circle game that we introduced last week and the children did a good job at remembering how to move around the fire circle safely.

We discussed with the children how we could not have a fire this week and they helped to identify why. There was still lots to keep the children busy during the morning.

Some wonderful obstacle courses were made by the children. They showed great team work, problem solving and creativity while also developing physical skills.

One of the children even created a fantastic catapult independently.

Some of the children investigated floating and sinking using natural materials.

There was some lovely imaginative play using the woodland elves and fairies. The children created houses, castles and even slides for them.

The children found different uses for the mud, enjoying mud painting and the mud kitchen.