Thursday, 7 February 2019

Inspirational violin assembly

Cal Fell gave an inspiring and informative assembly about violins and violas.  Cal talked about how violins made the sound and shared with the children some homemade violins using different sizes of elastic bands and cereal boxes to demonstrate the length and width of the strings.  She then showed us these differences on the viola and the violin.  

Two children held a piece of string taught and Cal plucked it to show how the sound was created.  She also shared how horse-tail hair was used for the bow.

Cal and four children shared different playing techniques on their violins such as the tremolo. 

The whole school was then treated to a marvellous performance by Jessica, Maisie, Martha and Bethany who played “Melodie” whilst Cal accompanied them on the piano.

It was a truly inspirational assembly.  It sounded beautiful. 

Cal offers violin lessons within the school and anybody who is interested in taking lessons, should contact the school office for further details.