Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Nursery trip to the Castle

Today Nursery went to visit the Castle! 

The children walked up there beautifully and it was lovely to hear them chatting about what they could see and hear on the way. 
At the castle we looked at where the moat and drawbridge would have been and noticed the shape of the huge doorway. Inside we found the well and the man from the English Heritage told us that it was twice as deep as the walls were high! We shouted down to hear the echo. 
After that we galloped like knights over the grass and then enjoyed a book called In the Castle. Then we went up the steps to walk around the castle walls. We were amazed by how far we could see! We noticed the arrow slit windows and saw the mere where they used to catch the fish to eat and the fields where they hunted for the deer to eat as well as spotting the houses and even a wind turbine. Most excitingly we found a baby dragon up on the walls! It looked very lonely and so we asked if it would like to come back to Nursery with us. 
We went carefully down to have snack together and had a bit of a singsong before heading back to school with our precious baby dragon. What a lovely morning. Huge thanks to our helpers for making it possible!