Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Thank you to the 'Friends of the school'

Crumble Kit

The staff and children would like to say a huge thank you to the ‘Friends of the School’ for buying us a class Crumble Kit....  it's not linked ( as some of you may think!) to baking or cooking apple crumble .....  but they are super new resources to support the DT and the computing curriculum.  We are very excited about these.  

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Venton were lucky enough to take year 3 and 4 to Adastral Park where they had an opportunity of using them.  Filled with ideas as to how they could be used in a cross –curricula format, they suggested that it would be a fantastic resource. 

The kits have now arrived in school and so we will have a staff training session soon and hope to see them up and running after half term. 

The kit is so versatile and offers so much potential for DT and computing!  Very exciting!

Thank you once again for this super resource.