Friday, 7 June 2019

Wow - Tickets please - all aboard!

Key Stage 1 enjoyed a fantastic day out at the East Anglian Transport Museum as their 'wow' moment to launch the new topic 'Bright Lights, Big City'.  We were so blessed with the weather and we all had such an enjoyable day finding out lots of information which we will explore through this last topic of the year. 

The morning started with a guided tour for each class where we were able to look and visit a variety of vehicles from the last 100 years.  It was a fascinating insight into how transport has evolved over the last century.    

We found out about how roads were made and looked at the steam vehicles, the horse-pulled water tankers and the caravans where the workmen stayed.  We were also able to see inside a 'night-watchmen' which is where workmen would have lived alongside the roads and railways that were being built.  It was amazing to see how small the kitchens were and how uncomfortable the beds looked!

Experiencing life inside one of the night-watchmen trailers

We were all given a ticket for the day which allowed us to go on the trams, the trolley bus and the train.  There were 2 trams - both electrically run - and it was amazing to see how the driver turned the 'frog' around on the top of the tram to change direction.  We enjoyed waiting for the lights to come back on when the reconnection had taken place of the frog. We were also very excited because the back of the seat moved and we could change the direction we were facing too!

Each tram and train we went on we had to hand our ticket in to be punched.

The ticket inspector punching our tickets on the train

Climbing aboard the trolley bus - tickets at the ready!

Many old trams and buses have been restored and are also undergoing major refurbishment.

Dressing up in some costumes from the early - mid 1900s

Window shopping - comparing items in Peacock's old shop window and how the objects have changed over time. 

After all this, we had lunch and then we went around in smaller groups to do a treasure hunt of various signs, logs, symbols and vehicles.  We loved doing this and everyone had great fun finding these - some in very secret hidden places!! 

We also were able to have another go on the train, tram or buses.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers at the East Anglian Transport museum for making our day so special.  It was such a great way to launch this next topic and we are looking forward to sharing more work undertaken throughout this topic.  

There will be more photos to come on the website gallery soon.