Monday, 22 November 2021

The Big Sing

We were delighted to be successful in our application to sing at Snape Maltings as part of their Big Sing project on Friday.  Not only were we successful, but due to Covid Protocols, our pupils were especially selected to be the only school actually singing in the world famous concert hall!  

This was a huge compliment and an honour and our pupils in Classes VWe and VWh really enjoyed and relished this opportunity for music making in such an incredible and special venue.  

The day was led by professional musicians Naveen Arles and Charlotte Brosnan and was organised by Britten Pears Arts.  

The children were taught the songs at school, working with our specialist music teacher Mrs Johnson and received two workshop events run by vocalist specialists from Snape prior to the event. 

On Friday, these amazing 55 children were relayed out live across to the other participating schools in a communal singing session as part of this project and parents were also able to watch the live stream.  They were magnificent and we are extremely proud of how well they performed,

Here are some photos taken by the teachers at the event, and screen shots supplied by Mrs Hall (one of our parents who watched the live stream).

More details about the event can be found at