Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Camera Club - Year 5

This week, Mr Brook and Mr Byer taught the children how to create an animation using powerpoint.  

First, we had to carefullly line up our camera with where the legoman would come out from under the table.  

We built a legoman out of lego and then took single frame photos of the legoman, starting with his head, and then added one layer of lego at a time  and took a photo after each layer. 

It was very important to be accurate with the placing so that when the sequence ran it looked like a vidoe so we marked a place on the paper where he stood for every photo. 

Back in the suite, we uploaded the photos to powerpoint 

We then changed the transitions and timings of these so it ran like a video

Watching the final performance by lego man as he emerged out of the table.  Some of us even managed to get the man to walk around before disappearing back into he table.  It was great fun and we really enjoyed making this animation.