Friday, 5 January 2018

STEM Challenge Class AB

We were set a challenge to see how high we could build a tower. However, we were only allowed to use 60 straws, sellotape and scissors. To start, we looked at some ideas of how we could make our tower strong and stable so that we can build the tower tall. We discussed the different ways we could make a base for our tower before splitting into group to create our designs. Once our designs were drawn out we began making our towers. Here are some of our finished towers.

We measured each of the towers and discovered that the smallest tower was 35cm tall and the biggest tower was 82cm tall. We evaluated our tower and thought about what we could have done better/how we would do it differently. Some of us thought that we should use less sellotape. Others decided that we should cut up less straws. Overall, we were proud of our results.