Monday, 8 January 2018

House STEM Challenge

Last Thursday, KS2 got together in their Houses to complete a STEM challenge. 
They were arranged into small groups and were tasked with building a tower out of 80 straws. They were given a roll of tape and a pair of scissors and given an objective: to build the tallest tower possible. The tower needed to be free- standing and they had to think about the relationship between base and height, etc. It was interesting to see the different ideas- some children constructed cubes, others used triangles and some used a combination.  
The children enjoyed working in mixed groups and the tallest towers from each house were put together and judged. 
A team from Bulstrode were victorious this year, well done! Houses were also awarded points which will count towards the weekly House Cup. 
The staff were extremely impressed by the team work exhibited by all the children. 
A big thank you to Mr. Beddow (from BT Adastral Park) for joining us to judge the entries.