Thursday, 18 January 2018

RE visit: Barnabus

EYFS and Keystage 1 had a very exciting R.E day organised through the Barnabas in schools organisation. A storyteller called Chip came and lead each class and the nursery in drama and storytelling activities based around the themes of Friendship, Forgiveness and Peace. We all had the chance to think about the stories we heard and to ask questions .

We also had the opportunity to wonder about some of the big questions in R.E too such as who is Jesus’s Dad and is Joseph his step dad. 

"I learnt how other countries tell people that a church service is going to begin such as using drums and not bells." -   Year 2

 "Chip came to see us and told us a story. The brothers pushed Joseph in a hole."  - nursery

"I liked the skipping around when thinking about the world being a lovely place."  - reception

"I thought the mirror was good because it showed that we were important." -  Year 1

"I enjoyed digging and chucking the soil and then planting the seeds."  - Year 2

"I learnt not to be nasty to other people or they will be nasty to you." -   Year 2