Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A musical treat!

This afternoon, we had an assembly to share and showcase some of the wonderful music that is happening across the school.  It was so inspirational to see how the children were able to perform to their audience and with such confidence. Everyone enjoyed listening to them.  

Year 3 shared several pieces that they have learnt on the recorder 
this term with Mrs Eyles.

Year 3 also sang whilst some of the children accompanied them with the recorders. 

 A great rendition of "Morning has broken" played beautifully on the flute. 

Class LH performed "The big ship sails" using triangles, cabassas, woodblocks and tambourines.  The children played their instruments using the score, which they had written as a class, whilst singing along to the tune too. 

"When the saints go marching" on the trumpet. 

A beautiful piece played on the violin. 

Well done to everyone who played or sang  - such an inspiration to others within the school!