Thursday, 5 July 2018

Girls Kwik Cricket County Final

Well done to the year 5 girls who took part in the county finals on Tuesday.
The girls played well in blistering heat. Not once complaining, digging deep to keep motivated when the heat became overwhelming. We saw some great sportsmanship particularly when Isabella instigated a "well done" to the loosing team.
The girls organised themselves into successful pairings. Lucia and Georgie showed fantastic communication skills getting 4 runs out of 1 ball. Georgie delivered some super sixes which was a great boost to the team.
We saw some consistent bowling and great improvements from the less experienced players.
Congratulations on fielding particularly with stoping the ball from reaching the boundary, great throwing in from Martha.
The girls showed organisational skills and maturity especially considering the majority of their opponents were year sixes.
Big thank you to parents who helped on the day and to Mrs Hind who has been coaching the girls - great job!