Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Bonjour Year 2!

As part of the transition into Key Stage 2, where the children learn French, some of the students from the Thomas Mills High School delivered a French taster session to the year 2 children on Monday.  The high school students introduced many new words and vocabulary relating to food and drinks that could be found in a café.  The students shared the new vocabulary with the year 2 children and played a few games – 'splat the item' was a favourite!  They also did a timed activity to see how many words the year 2 children recognised or knew from their new learning. 

Enjoying a game of splat!

Another two listening intently for their item to find on the board.

Identifying the French and English translations and playing a matching game. 

Thomas Mills students sharing their skills and knowledge with the year 2 children.

A small worksheet was shared where the children had the opportunity of reading the French words and translating them back into English.  Many of the words were similar in both languages, however, there were a few very tricky ones to pronounce!  The year 2 had a really good go at these!

The children enjoyed their taster session and are looking forward to learning more French as they move up into year 3.  Thank you to the students for sharing and delivering the lesson together.  

Bravo year 2!   Très bien!!