Thursday, 11 July 2019

Class LH zoom off with their vehicles!

Following on from sketching the vehicles on the playground on Monday, Class LH have also discussed what vehicles are used for - ie transporting goods or people.  We then examined a variety of vehicles and talked abut the wheels, the lights, doors etc and how they were good for their purpose. 

We have designed our own vehicles and using a range of resources created our own vehicles.  We have a range of cars, army tanks, caravans, buses, aeroplanes, lorries and vans. 

Using the plan to work our the wheel base for the army tank. 

Problem solving - the axles were quite tight for the wheels to be pushed on so had to adapt the wheels. 

Sharing resources and teamwork.

Army tank and a caravan, complete with convertible bed and pillows!

Cargo lorry and a bus. 

We used our plans to help us and have thought about what we would do differently next time.