Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Today's assembly was delivered by Mrs. Rose and focused on the concept of 'service'. She talked about how we serve the local community, giving various examples which included: Hour Community, Worry Tree Cafe, Memory group, members of the community visiting prisoners, people cooking lunch at Christmas, transporting people to hospital and many others. We were then reminded of the reasons why we might help- these included: benefitting us later/ now, making us feel happier, etc. Christians believe that Jesus demonstrated by example, as the Bible states: 'The generous will themselves be blessed for they share their food with the poor". It also says to "Love thy neighbour", thus reiterating the importance of sharing with those less fortunate. We were also told how Jesus healed and provided for the hungry. 
To conclude, Mrs. Rose showed a video about a child who received no gifts at Christmas. The honest reality for many people globally is that they will never experience the feeling of unwrapping a gift; there have been a number of studies which have found a number of positive physical emotions of receiving and giving gifts to others.
Enriching the lives of others is the best way to enrich our own. We wondered how we could serve our local community; acts such a litter picking are relatively straight forward which stand to benefit the environment and community. Donating to the local charity shop is another fantastic way of helping those in need, acting as a service to the local people.