Sunday, 13 October 2019

Open the Book

On Wednesday, we were treated to an assembly from 'Open the Book'. The team re-enacted the parable 'The Lost Son'. There was once a man with two sons. One day, the younger son approached his father with a sad request: he didn't want to wait to receive his money/ inheritance. The man gave his son the money and he departed, without even saying goodbye. Eventually, the money disappeared so he found a job where he looked after pigs. Meanwhile, the man longed for his son to return.
Ultimately, the man's dream came true and he returned, although he was poor and hungry. His son dropped to his knees and apologised for his actions. His father responded, reassuring him that he would always be his son. The Lost Son was hailed as the returning hero, much to the annoyance of the son who had remained at home. 
There were two key messages: it is never too late to seek forgiveness and a person has to be ready to return to their faith. Christians believe that God is available whenever they are ready.