Monday 8 July 2024

Winning bookworms!!!

This morning the ‘Battle of the Bookworm’ took place at the Thomas Mills High School.  Our team took on other local primary schools in the competition.  The girls liked how the quiz included lots of new books including  ‘Skandar and the Unicorn thief’ by AF Steadman and a lot of old favourites such as Harry Potter.  They enjoyed the questions about some old picture books such as ‘Gruffalo’ and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.   They said that there were a lot of different categories and some of them were difficult as they were about football which are books that they didn’t always read about. The team enjoyed the fact that the quizzes were interactive as they were about books that they wouldn’t normally associate with.  Some of the questions were about books for older children too.  Luckily there were questions on ‘Who let the Gods out’ which they all thought was helpful as it was their topic book.  The scavenger hunt around the library was good and they enjoyed finding the letters but they also got to discover what the library was like at the Thomas Mills High School.

They were able to bring the winning cup back to school and they also had individual prizes of a special book by Michael Morpurgo.  They said that at the start of the quiz they were behind but they thought it was special wining because they didn’t think they would.  They said they felt proud of what they had achieved.