Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Father Monodeep from the Delhi Brotherhood Society visits the school

Father Monodeep from the Delhi Brotherhood in New Delhi gave an informative assembly to KS2 about the society and life in India.  He told us how in 1877 the rector at the time in Framlingham, Edward Bickerston, founded the missionary for boys from poor families.  Father Monodeep told us how they have a night shelter where boys, who work during the day, are invited to be educated, where they can sleep in safety, be fed a cooked meal, showered and washed with a change of clothes and play games with each other – something many children are deprived from but which our children here in Framlingham take for granted.  Alongside the night shelters for boys, young women are trained to used computers and taught how to sew; young men are taught basic DIY skills eg repairing and restoring simple electrical item and some boys are given a lifetime opportunity to be educated and disciplined in the hopes of having a more stable and safer future.

A lot of extra information about life in New Delhi and India was gleaned during the question session at the end.  It was great to see how money sent from the school and the town is being used to help deprived areas in New Delhi.