Thursday, 14 July 2016

Foxburrow Farm Visit - Year's 3,4 & 5

Over two days, the Year 3,4 and 5 children enjoyed visits to Foxborrow  Farm. Everybody had a great time and learnt an enormous amount. The children and adults managed to dodge the rain, most of the mud and everybody had a great time. The learning was  cross curricular and the children developed their understanding of conservation,  their local environment and sustainability. This is what the children had to say:
‘We found  lots of creatures when we did the pond dipping. I identified some newts, a back swimmer, a water boatman, a pond mite and some dragon fly nymphs.’
‘I discovered that the pond was really healthy due to the diversity of life in it.’
‘Our group were amazed to see how much water we use each day when we did a task about this. I am going to not have such long showers.’
‘I can now use a compass really easily and direct people around an orienteering course.’
‘I can now also use a compass for taking bearings.’
‘It was all a lot of fun and I really enjoyed everything (including my packed lunch). ‘
‘We got to work with different grown ups and children. I liked it.’
‘In the Community Wood, we used bearings to find clues and then there was a sequencing game to open a treasure box. We managed to find the treat.’
‘A robin was about 4 centimetres away from me when I ate my lunch in the barn. It was really cute.’
‘I am going to go there again with my sister.’

The children were congratulated by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust Staff for the fantastic attitude and behaviour and the school staff are incredibly proud of the pupils too. Thank you to our volunteers who gave up their time to support this field trip; we are extremely grateful.