Friday, 2 June 2017

Arts Festival

Here is a small selection of the images taken at our bi-annual Arts Festival which happened on the last day of term.
The audience were treated to some super musical performances as well as drama, poetry and dance.
What a talented school we have! The staff are all extremely proud of how wonderfully the children performed, especially in the soaring temperatures.
More images can be found on the website news gallery.
Thank you to Mr Brook and Miss Lamb for the photographs.

This years’ school Arts Festival was a total success. The whole school came together to make this amazing event happen, thanks to Mrs Colchester and a few others. This very special day happens every two years and started in 2014. Every class performed something or shared facts about what they’ve learnt. Also, people who wanted to could perform on their own or with a group.
We witnessed lots of talent and heard some wonderful music.
This year’s Arts Festival was utterly fantastic!

Report by Eva, Class VW

Ophelia, class SC, said "I like how the whole school gets involved and how people can form their own little groups".

Aston, also class SC, said "Every class did something... in my opinion Archie's 'Star Wars' theme on the trumpet was the best.