Monday, 19 June 2017

Harvesting already in gardening club!

First crops harvested 

Gardening club had a hot but busy afternoon in the school garden.  The first crop of radishes was harvested and every child took some radishes home.  They were only planted a few weeks ago but there was great excitement at pulling these up. 

Mr Duggens showed the children an acorn which had germinated and had started to grow into an oak tree.  It was amazing to see how the roots developed and also how the trunk above the ground was beginning to form. 

With earnest, we began to plant out globe artichokes and sunflowers.  Once again great team work and tolerance was shown as we planted the seedlings. 

On the other bed, Mrs Hopkins set to with her band of eager weeders ready to make way for spinach plants.  

Once the weeding and planting had been completed, we headed down to the shade of the willow dome where Mr Duggens showed the children how to weave the willow branches through the frame to create thicker walls.  The children really enjoyed this and once again with one friend on in the inside and one friend on the outside, they were able to pass the branches through to each other. The willow certainly looked shadier inside.