Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Member of Parliament for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Dr Dan Poulter, was delighted to visit Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary School on Friday 16th June.

Dr Poulter enjoyed meeting with Headteacher, before going on to a lively Question and Answer session with the pupils. In the run up to the General Election, the pupils had run their own “mock” election, creating their own political parties and even writing their own manifestos, so the budding young politicians were all too keen to promote their own policies and ask questions of Dr Poulter.

Commenting on the visit, Dr Poulter said “I was delighted to be invited to take part in a Question and Answer session with the pupils at Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School in Framlingham today. It was very clear to me that the pupils had taken lots of time to research and think in advance about their ideas, given the wide range of questions which they put to me and it’s always encouraging to see younger students so engaged with politics. Visits such as these definitely help to strengthen the link between what I do as an MP locally and how I can make sure that the voice of our communities here in Suffolk are heard in Parliament.”

The following report was written by:
   Catherine - Prime minister of Purple Panthers
   Oscar - Deputy prime minister of Purple Panthers
   Ben- Research group
   Eva- Research group
On Friday the 16th of June, Dr Dan Poulter came to our school. As the winners of the year five school Election, the Purple Panthers were chosen to talk to him along with our school’s research group. Some of us were bursting with questions to ask our visitor, whilst others were keen to read out their manifesto. One of the promises was that 70% of well- paid footballers money should go to Charites across the UK; another one was if you cut down a tree, you have to plant three more in its place.
The research group asked Dr Dan Poulter a bunch of questions about being an MP and the work around it. Eva’s question was; “you may or may not be aware that this country is in a bit of a pickle, so what are fellow MP’s like yourself going to do about Brexit and the hung parliament, and how are you going to explain what will happen to confused and emotional people?”
Ben’s question was; “one of the big issues around here is parking- do you have any ideas that we could use?” Both of these questions along with many more were answered using very complicated language!

Immediately after the Q&A session, Dr Poulter then accompanied Mrs Picton to the Summer Fete, welcoming bumper numbers of children, parents and the local community to the event. 

Dr Poulter went on to say “I was especially pleased to visit the school’s Summer Fete, particularly as this is the first one for several years. The Fete was very well attended and was incredibly popular with pupils and visitors alike - the success of events like these is testament to the hard work of all of those working tirelessly behind the scenes to pull everything together and this community spirit is something which we can be incredibly proud of here in Suffolk.