Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Colchester Zoo - KS2 Trip

Children in years 3-5 had a super trip to Colchester Zoo yesterday - supporting their current topic of 'Predators'.  A few images here and more on the Website Gallery ...

Report from Class RH..
Yesterday on the 26th of June we went to the zoo, Colchester zoo. Year 3, 4 and 5 went on the trip together.
We were looking forward to seeing lots of different types of animals. 
We saw rhino’s, giraffes, owls, penguins, lions and Komodo dragons. Ben was really happy to see the Komodo dragon as he had chosen this animal for his predator speech. The sloth was faster than we thought it would be.
We also saw monkeys, pigs, tortoise, snakes, lions, tigers and sea lions. The sea lions had a huge enclosure and we could walk through the tunnel to see them swimming overhead. Edi was really happy to see the penguins as this is her favourite animal and she has created a 3D penguin as a part of her home learning project this term.
Later, we saw a python shedding its skin. We found out that the python was 7.6 metres long.
Some of us went on a train ride to see the animals. This is when we saw the lemurs. 
When we went into the butterfly house we saw big butterflies and also a cocoon.
We had a fantastic time at the zoo.