Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Class LH welcome Zambian visitors

On Wednesday the 12th of July we were lucky to have a visit from some people who live in Lusaka.  We have been comparing the cities of London to Lusaka.   Firstly, we had already planned some questions which we decided on from our research so we asked questions about Lusaka and what it is like to live there. 

Jo and her children Libby and George answering questions about life in Lusaka. 

We got the chance to look at the Zambian currency which is called Kwacha; they were telling us how the coins were very new to them, the coins were only introduced 2 years ago.

Looking at the Zambian money - the kwacha

Each table performed a rhythm on the Djembe drums whilst saying a rhyme which they had made up.  One group played the rhyme;  “lemon and water, lemon and water, lemon and water, served with ice.”  Each group had made their own rhythm up and performed to our visitors. 

The flag is green, red, black and orange with an eagle.  Each colour represented a different meaning. The eagle represented freedom, the green represented nature, red represented strength, black represented race, the colour of their skin and the orange represented copper mining fields. Jo kindly brought in a Zambian flag for our class. 

After they had left we wrote on a small Zambian flag what we had learnt from our visitors and placed it on the big flag.   We were sad when they left because we had so much fun!

Oscar, Ivor and Ruby