Friday, 7 July 2017

Zooming around in class LH!

In class LH, we have been learning about London and cities.  We’ve looked at Lusaka in Zambia and we watched a video of what it’s like in Zambia.  We compared vehicles and cars from each city.

We made our own unique vehicles and all of them have different designs although they were all really good -  there was an army truck, camper van, London bus, racing cars, mechanics lorry and underground train.  

We used cardboard and paper and decorated the cuboid net.  We put them together with glue, sellotape and blu-tac.  The axles were made from dowling rods and they were attached to the bottom or through the sides, with a hole punch.  We coloured the wheels and decorated them and slid them onto the dowling rods.

We wrote an evaluation about our vehicles to see how we could improve them.   We all really enjoyed making them and we now know a lot more facts about transport in London and other countries. 

Yasmin and Eliza

                  Underground train

                                                 London Routemaster

Army truck 

London buses

Mechanic lorry