Monday, 10 July 2017

Summer picnic for gardening club

Gardening club enjoyed a final end of term picnic - unfortunately due to the torrential rain - at school.  We had hoped to be up at the gardens however, Mr Duggens had been up to the school gardens earlier in the day and picked some peas from our plants.  He then also shared a huge cucumber, some mange tout and redcurrants and white currants out of his own garden.  We added some tomatoes, breadsticks and natural yoghurt for a very enjoyable picnic.  Mr Duggens also picked the sweet peas and some of the grasses which the children were able to take home with them. 

Mrs Eyles made a delicious banana cake and an apple cake which we all enjoyed.    Whilst we ate, we reminisced about the crops which we have grown and talked about what the children were growing at home and enjoyed learning about.  There was also a competition to see who had the tallest sunflower - we'll see in September when we come back who had the tallest one!!

Thank you to Mr Duggens for kindly giving up his time to come and volunteer and help at this very special club.