Friday, 7 July 2017

Cultural Exchange

WOW! What a wonderful opportunity we've had in school yesterday & today! 
Thirty-five students from Shanghai High School came to spend time with us.  They helped us write our names in Chinese, count to ten in Chinese and they shared information about where they live and their culture. There are 25 million people in Shanghai and it is not as big as London - but they do have lots of skyscrapers.
Just hearing them talk in the playground was an experience - their language sounds so different. This is how you say Thank you in Chinese - xiexie
They took lots of photos of the classrooms, displays and corridors - they enjoyed finding out about us too.
Some photos from class JC:

And a few photos from LH...

Year 5 children were very excited about this experience - here are some of their thoughts:
  “It was really fun!”- Oscar
  “I enjoyed mixing with people from a different part of the World”- Ben
  “They went over things again- they were really kind and helpful”- Maggie
  “I learnt how to use my fingers to help me count”- Catherine