Thursday, 9 November 2017

"Enchanted woodland" wow moment

Class JC and Class LH visited the school woodland area as the introduction to their new topic "Enchanted Woodland".   We used our senses to take in the sights, sounds and feel of the different features in the wood.  This has inspired our writing because we used adjectives and exciting verbs which we talked about during our visit.  It has  also helped us with our art as we identified the textures and details of the wood, the leaves, the sky, the branches and the canopy. 

We also took the cameras to photograph and compare different parts of the wood - we found some "smooth bark" and "rough and bumpy" tree stumps.  The birds were "chirping"  and the robin even came to join in as it "flitted" around in the wood amongst us.  We got very excited when we saw him but his red-breast really stood out.  

The "soft and spongy" moss was "springy".  The leaves "crunched" under our feet and leaves" rustled" in the trees. 

It was lovely to see the hedgehog house made by Ella, who was in year 6  last year, placed in amongst the undergrowth. 

Zooming in on a close-up with the camera looking at the textures within the wood. 

We compared the different colours and the way the sun shone through the trees to change the appearance of the leaves. 

We felt the leaves and the bark and compared the colours... look at these shades of green!