Friday, 10 November 2017

Identifying trees using QR codes

Class LH have spent this week identifying trees.  

On Monday, we learnt what deciduous and evergreen meant.  We looked at the trees in the playground and some others in pots to decide which trees were deciduous and which were evergreen.   We discussed what each word meant and then explored the playground to find examples of deciduous and evergreen trees.  We found a big selection of leaves on the ground from the deciduous trees and others from the evergreen trees.  An adult helped us find the evergreen leaves as they needed to be cut carefully from the tree or plant.  In groups , we then sorted the leaves out into the two types. 

Evergreen and deciduous leaves

Examining which plants and shrubs are evergreen and which are deciduous. 

Today, we used the tablets to map the trees out in the playground.  We scanned the QR code on each tree which told us the name of the tree.  We then identified the trees position on the playground map to work out what they were and whether they were deciduous. 

Scanning the QR code to identify the tree. 

Looking carefully at the type of tree before adding it to the map. 

The map with all the trees identified and located around the playground. 

The children worked really hard to work out all the names and were very engaged using the tablets to broaden their knowledge of trees as part of our "Enchanted Woodland" topic.