Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A hive of activity!

As part of our fine motor skills work we have been practicing using a knife and fork -   holding them in the correct hands,  stabbing our food with the fork and cutting behind the fork with the knife.  The midday assistants have already noticed a difference at lunchtime especially on a Thursday when we have a roast dinner.  There are fewer children asking for help with their roast potatoes and more potatoes making it into tummies!

We have been learning about the habitats of woodland animals and where they live.  We have used non-fiction books to research the environments.  We have also written our own non-fiction texts using titles, sub-titles, pictures and captions to explain where the animals live. 

We have been creating our own land art using environmental materials such as pine cones, sycamore seeds, stones, shells, twigs and laurel leaves.  We have each designed our own art installation and using this experience has helped us with writing instructions. 


We have been using the magnifying glasses to examine tree bark and look at the textures and surface of a variety of barks from different trees. We have then drawn these in detail to emphasise these textures.  We discussed which animals might live in the bark and make use of the holes in the tree bark and why.