Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nursery trip to the Bennett Homes building site

Nursery were so lucky today to be welcomed to visit the Bennett Homes Tudor Gardens building site. We had to wear our wellingtons as it was muddy on site and when we got there we saw a sign that said we couldn't go on site without a hard hat and high viz jacket. Luckily we were met by the wonderful staff from Bennett Homes who had a high viz jacket and hard hat for all of us to wear!

We went onto the site when we were all kitted up and saw the big excavator. We went up into one of the homes that is nearly ready (number 16) and spotted why no one could live there yet. The children spotted there was no door handle and no oven, no chairs, no television and no carpet! There were some special bricks in the front room and we had a go at building a wall. The builders taught us how to overlap the bricks so that the wall was strong.

When we came out we saw a delivery being made from a truck. Then the excavator driver showed us how it scooped up and moved the dirt and moved on its caterpillar tracks. After that we were treated to a demonstration of what the telehandler was able to do. The fork lift part went up and up and up! So high! We had a wonderful exciting time and were sent back to Nursery with a special Bennett Homes goody bag. What a super trip. Thank you to all our helpers and everyone at Bennett Homes who made it possible!