Friday, 24 November 2017

What an end to an action packed week of lunch time and after school clubs!!

Today is the final day of our visit to the vast array of different clubs offered at lunchtime and after school.  

Friday seems to be a very busy day in the life of the school clubs at SRH.  

Singing club was well underway with the beautiful sounds of Christmas carols being rehearsed for Friday's Christmas late night shopping on the Market Hill.  
Do come and join us at 6pm!

The boys and girls at K-nex and Lego club were engrossed in creating themed models and were able to explain what they were making.

'Number wizards' were discovering and exploring shape using a variety of resources.  The children were all interacting with other year groups to help work out, problem solve and establish patterns together. 

Polydron was being used to create 2D and 3D shapes

 Great teamwork was shown as tangrams are being discussed!  How do the shapes go together?  Maybe we need to try again!

Elastic bands being used to make 2D shapes 

 Other maths resources creating shapes within shapes. 

Different patterns were being produced using a mix of 3 and 4 sided irregular and regular shapes. 

Gymnastics club were learning how to land properly and thinking about how they jumped off the apparatus.  

Year 5/6 football were warming up and preparing before building on their basic skills

The staff provide many experiences for the children during the after school clubs and lunch time clubs alongside external providers.  The children partake in musical, sporting, social and problem-solving activities.  The dance club, board games, 1:1 music lessons  are also available.  Seasonal clubs such as drama and gardening are also offered.

Phew - what a week into the snapshot of clubs at SRH!!  We hope you have enjoyed the daily blogs this week about all the clubs!