Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Every evening on BBC2 you can watch the a program called Springwatch.

It is presented by Bill Oddie and Kate Humble and features all sorts of animals being monitored by hidden cameras.

See BBC Springwatch website

The BBC camera crew recently spent 3 days filming in Badingham next to Mr Brook's house. They were filming barn owls with the 2 boys who live next door to Mr Brook. Ryan and Paul are keen wildlife photographers and have been watching the barn owls that live in a nearby tree.

Mr Brook put a bird box in his garden and this year some blue tits made a nest inside. The chicks have making a lot of noise over recent weeks as their parents have been feeding them. Yesterday the chicks fledged - flew for the first time.

At Robert Hitcham's there are several birds nests. This morning a blackbird chick left its nest and stood for a while on a table in the Gilder garden.

Miss Ashberry's class have had some tadpoles in their classroom. One of them has just turned into a little frog - see below.