Friday, 13 June 2008


Unfortunately due to ill health Carol Bone, our crossing patrol lady, cannot be on duty at the present time. Cover will be supplied by Mrs Borg and PC Hassler when available. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING THIS TIME WE ARE UNABLE TO GUARANTEE THE CROSSING WILL BE SUPERVISED AT THE USUAL TIMES.

I am delighted to announce that we have made a new appointment to our schools teaching team. Mr Vaughan will be joining us from a school in Lowestoft. He is an experienced teacher with a wide range of interests including English, Drama and Sport.
Unfortunately, we are very sorry to lose Miss George, who has decided to return to Norwich to be closer to her family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work this year, and wish her success in the future.
At the end of term we will also be saying ‘Goodbye’ to Miss Treen, who has been with us on a temporary contract, again I would like to wish her well and thank her for her hard work.
I would also like to pass on congratulations to Miss Foster who is getting married on 21 June, and wish both her and her husband a very happy life together. Miss Foster will be taking on her married name of Mrs Spencer.
Our class organisation will be as follows:
Reception Mrs Hopkins CH
Year 1 Miss Montague EM
Year 1/2 Mrs Colchester JC
Year 1/2 Mrs Cann LC
Year 3 Mrs Dwyer/Mrs Lord DD/PL
Year 3/4 Miss Ashberry CA
Year 3/4 Mrs Spencer NS
Year 4/5 Miss Hitchcock GH
Year 5 Mr Vaughan RV
Year 5/6 Mrs Morgan GM
Year 5/6 Mr Brook/Mrs Mawson DB/KM

SPORTS DAY – Wednesday 25 June
Foundation and Key Stage 1 races will be held first from 9.30-10.30am, followed by Key Stage 2 from 10.30-11.30am. After their races the Foundation and KS1 children will watch a few of the KS2 races and then return to school for the rest of the day.
If the weather should be inclement, the reserve day is Thursday 26 June at the same times.
Please ensure that your child has their PE kit at school and a sun hat and sun cream are advisable if hot. All children should bring a water bottle (plastic only).
Foundation and KS1 children are not allowed to wear trainers, but KS2 children can if they wish.
Please do NOT park in Coucy Close – in the first instance park in the Elms car park but if that is full you can park on the back playground.
In the past some of the children got upset when their parents came over to see them and they were then not allowed to go and sit with their parents, please could we ask that parents keep to the opposite side of the track to the children and not come over to speak with them. Also for this reason, we would ask that Nursery children are collected in the usual manner and at the usual time from the Nursery and not taken from the sports field. Thank you for your help in this matter.
If you are able to volunteer help at Sports day please see Miss Foster.

Could we please once again remind parents that younger children under school age are not allowed on the climbing frame as they are not insured if they were to have an accident. Thank you.

NON-UNIFORM DAY – Friday 27 June
To encourage families to donate to the school Summer Fete (on Friday 4 July) we are having a non-uniform day on Friday 27 June. On this day please bring in any donations for the Adult or Children’s Raffle, Adult or Children’s Tombola, Books, DVDs, Videos, Toys and ‘Promises’ to Bake a Cake (for the following week) etc and hand them to the class teacher. Please remember our ‘No Nut’ policy when making cakes. Alcoholic donations should be handed in to the office. Thank you.

Please can we remind all parents that children are not allowed to swim without a swimming cap. They are available to purchase from the school office for £1.

I have been asked by the Pupil Services Team Leader to remind parents and guardians that NEW APPLICATIONS for free school meals for September 2008 will be welcomed at Clapham House, Lowestoft throughout June and July. Forms are available from the School Office. Applications can also be processed through the summer holiday but should not be left until September when it is difficult to process them for the start of term.
Parents should note that The Education Offices at Endeavour House, Ipswich also remain open throughout the summer for all Transport Enquiries: Tel: 0845 606 6067.

As you are aware, payment procedures for school dinners changed at Easter. So far this has been reasonably successful, however this week we did have a number of pupils who did not bring in their dinner money.
Please can we remind you that:
· PAYMENT WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ON A MONDAY (or the first day of term, if not a Monday)
· Parents decide and pay for the number of lunches their child would like at the beginning of each week.
· We prefer you to specify which days (but you can just state how many).
· If you do not pay for dinners on the first day of each week, YOU MUST PROVIDE PACKED LUNCH FOR YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY THAT WEEK.
· If your child forgets a packed lunch we will ring you to ask you to bring it in.
· If your child is off ill on a Monday, payment should be brought in the first day they return back to school following their illness.
· Parents who pay for the half term will be given a ‘Pre-pay form’ during the first week back, indicating the amount carried forward from the previous term. This form is to be completed and returned with payment by the following Monday.
Thank you

Thank you for the vouchers you have handed in, so far we have received over 5000. We can only accept these up until the end of June when we have to send the order off. So please do bring more in if you have them.

SCC are running a free course giving a chance to discuss positive strategies for managing difficult behaviour, develop skills as a parent and find ways to build positive relationships. It will be held at Saxmundham Resource Centre on Thursdays 9.30-11.30am starting 25 September. The course is free and there is a crèche for under 5’s. Contact 01473 325284 or see the poster on Parents’ notice board.

There are still spaces available in September for Guitar Lessons. If your child is interested, please collect a form from the Office.