Friday, 13 May 2016

Marble Madness

In Science club, children have been making and testing marble runs! 
Made out of recyclable material, we had lots of fun exploring and learning more about the design process, making adjustments as necessary. The children found all sorts of ways of adding barriers and additional walls in order to keep the marble moving through the run. No doubt there are many tweaks that needed to be made while constructing a marble run in order to get to work properly. Locating trouble spots and fixing them was one of the best lessons in this project, as well as learning to listen to other members of the team. The slopes that were almost vertical resulted in the marbles dropping too quickly and spilling out of the run. I encouraged them to think about how fast the marble was going and how that was related to the slope of each run as changing the slope changes the speed of the object rolling down it.
When it came to the testing phase, we discussed how we needed to make it a fair test- the children came up with some fantastic ideas. The children felt that we needed to use the same marble with the same person from each team releasing the marble for continuity. Each run was tested 3 times so we could take an average time. The winning team were the ones whose marble travelled through the run for the longest time.