Friday, 13 May 2016

Non-Stop Nursery

Nursery have had a very busy week making the most of the lovely weather by learning outside.  We visited the field twice this week enjoying running and kicking balls in the open space as well as looking at the changes we could see in on the trees compared with our previous visits.  We took part in some active storytelling together and also made some shapes with sticks and material. 
On Wednesday we visited Framlingham Castle which was a super morning out. The children walked brilliantly to and from the castle understanding how to keep safe when crossing the roads.  When we got there we had a look at the outside of the castle and talked about the materials it was built from. Inside the castle we explored the echo from the well and then galloped or walked like Kings and Queens to the benches to have our snack.  After that we went inside the old poor house and watched the video while taking turns to look out of the big windows.  We could see the mere where the people who lived in the castle would have fished for fish to eat, long long ago.  We looked at the clothes and talked about the food people ate, as well as doing some crayon rubbings and looking in the big oven.  We also got to look at some books about the castle before going back outside to search for numbers.  When we found a number we practised making a big shape of it with our arms before heading back to Nursery for a play. Lovely day.