Thursday, 12 May 2016

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz.....

On Wednesday 4 May JC, LC and AB had a wonderful visit from Jane the beekeeper. 
She brought in a veil, empty hive and a smoker to show each class. The class were given the opportunity to have a look inside the hive as well as smell some of the bees wax on the combs. Some of the children tried on the veil which is worn when beekeeping. 
The children learnt lots of amazing facts. This is what some of the children had to say about the visit:

Amira – ‘Thank you for telling us about the bees. I learnt a lot and I am sure everybody else did too. The whole class was buzzing with excitement’.

Rupert – ‘I learnt that the queen bee has a few boys to work for her. As soon as they have done their work for the queen bee, they get chucked out of the hive.’

Charlie – ‘I learnt that bees can’t sting you when they are full of honey.’